About Us

Charter Express anticipates building a world of transportation, where each team member works passionately to deliver a sense of satisfaction to every client or customer. We frame “ transportation service” as one of the most critical parameters required for the growth of any business. Thus, we always make sure to deliver the essential supplies to your company on schedule.


Also, our promising carrier services will securely & swiftly send finished goods to the intended customers of your company. Charter Express upholds the highest quality standards for all the delivery service it provides. Now, our on time & on target service have become a benchmark for almost every competitor or other delivery companies.


Logistic Industry demands a criterion, where every courier service should follow a standard format that leads to satisfactory delivery of the supplies & goods. And, Charter Express has come up as one of the most leading companies that pass musters with every quality parameter of the logistics industry. In addition to the fact, safe delivery of the inputs and the finished products comes above all the quality parameters.


For Charter Express, secure delivery of delicate products is of the utmost importance. After all, no client would like to use the supplies that are already damaged. Or no customer would ever get happy to receive a product that is dented, dinged, or dysfunctional. Whether it is an airship or a truck expedition, we know how to keep your belongings safe until it gets delivered to you.


Following the safety, speed is another fundamental to quality delivery service. Charter Express offers an air freight service that has facilities to maximize speed for every part of the delivery- both our trips from and to the airport and the main flight. We have strategies to invest in the best possible information, personnel, and planning, which raises the average speed of our orders with one accord.


Charter Express strives to make the delivery process as effortless & straightforward as possible for our invaluable clients to purchase our shipping services. Success in the business is for sure if you can manage your time & money efficiently. And, keeping Charter Express at the forefront of your time management strategy, would help you to take your business to another level in no time. You can save a lot of time by handing over the delivery-related tasks to us. As you would not require worrying about coordinating the deliveries, you will be left with more time to spend on other business activities.


Therefore, into the overall air cargo service, we roll the deliveries from the airport to the final destination. Our pay structure is fair and understandable with an approachable customer service department. We always tend to provide reliable information about cost & delivery to our every existing as well as potential clients. We believe in finding comprehensive airfreight solutions for our clients based on their fiscal conditions without compromising the quality of the service.


Another critical parameter essential to quality deliveries is accessibility. Accordingly, Charter Express puts a great emphasis on providing exceptional customer service to all our clients and customers. For us the customer is always a king. Whenever our customer (existing or potential) urges for any query related to the transportation service, they have all our ears regardless of time and location.


We have facilitated our customers with a plethora of online resources so that they can quickly figure out the service of their choice without having to face any trouble. We have already built an image in the logistics industry that gives an impression of trust and reliability in itself. Our outstanding services have always helped us to stand the competition for many years, and we have successfully earned the trust of many happy customers. We try to meet with all your shipping requirements regardless of the location of your final destination. Moreover, Charter Express offers its delivery service at a value price that is genuine and affordable.

Charter Express is a logistics company that specializes in airfreight services. We have served hundreds of distinct companies related to different industries, for more than a decade.

As we have gained experience in working with different transportation conditions and shipping requirements, we can easily understand your needs. We believe in completing the shipping process in real time. And no matter how tight a client’s deadline is, we have plenty of resources to complete the given task on or before time.


If you are looking for a delivery service that can pay close attention to the safe delivery of delicate products and supplies, then Charter Express should always be on your radar. We are widely known for our expertise in delivering delicate or breakable products quickly & cautiously to our clients.


Charter Express primarily ships items by the airships, which allows us to complete any delivery within the US & Canada within a few hours. We usually coordinate the cargo airlines services, instead of maintaining our own line of planes. We make a careful and critical examination of the skills & resources of each of these airlines before choosing them for the shipping project.  


Our delivery service is known for keeping all of our clients’ items & products safe from origin to destination. Also, we never make relationships with airlines that are not trustworthy for forming a close partnership. Choosing the right partner helps us to obtain a detailed understanding of scheduled air cargo flights. And if scheduled ones do not meet the clients shipping requirements, it let us charter new flights. So, no matter what our client’s deadline is, we are never going to miss that.


Mostly every cargo airlines need their clients to get their items or the finished goods to the airport. But, Charter Express gives you the facility to drive your commodities to the starting airport. Even, at the receiving airport, we station a vehicle for you to take your items to the final destination as soon as you would land. We consider your deadlines as ours and cover the entire delivery process until  your items reach the final destination safely.


Charter Express is devoted to delivering remarkable services to every client who approaches us. No matter how bizarre or challenging are your delivery needs, we can accomplish it with perfection. Since we have a mastery of advanced technologies, an extensive network of vehicles & experienced airline partners, we can complete even the most finicky shipments.

Working with a wide range of clients and yet coordinating successful deliveries at the same time is fairly a complex task. But, Charter Express is always up to the responsibility. After having all so much experience in the logistics industry, we have created a comprehensive strategy that ensures the satisfaction of our every client. This strategy relies on:



  • Planning Proactively –



Charter Express is well-informed of all the possible sources of delay, which may arise through the delivery process. Whether it is a road, air freight or ocean freight, we know how to keep those setbacks to a minimum.  For ground shipments, we master at analyzing the traffic patterns, and weather reports to choose one of the best routes to carry forward the delivery process. Similarly,

for air deliveries, we keep a continuous track of flight schedules. We help our clients by providing them with an alternate flight, in the worst case scenarios. Especially, when your current plane cannot do the job.



  • Comprehensive Tracking –



We already use a wide range of the latest technologies to provide our clients with the best service experience. But, we still try to keep ourselves updated with all the emerging technologies to consistently make our services better than before.  No matter your goods are on the road or in the air, we keep an eye on it. Using the latest tracking technology, we continuously provide a real-time update on your shipment’s location, which makes us a reliable delivery service. We even get instant updates,  whenever a source of delay arises. And because of that, we can take immediate action to minimize that delay or restrict it entirely.


  • Reliable Partners –


Charter Express evaluates each contender or cargo airlines in detail, before making them a partner. We make sure about their history of delivering every variety of goods or supplies over any route. Most importantly, before choosing them, we analyze correctly if they have made fast, safe and on schedule deliveries.

Similarly, we choose the right team of truck drivers who are courteous, responsible and committed to carry your items safely to and from the airport.



  • Pervasive Teamwork –



Charter Express believes in the power of teamwork, passion, and commitment.  For each part of the delivery process, we have a dedicated task force. To make sure about the deadlines accomplishment, we usually assign drivers in pairs of two. So, even the natural phenomenon of the body- like sleep and other emergency medical issues cannot stop your items from getting delivered on time. And, we also have a fabulous quality customer service team to take your calls, every time you have a query or a problem. You can order any information from our team of excellence that would be provided to you in no time.


At Charter Express, our delivery service team never hesitates to walk an extra mile to make safe and quick deliveries. For your convenience, we have created a price budget that suits all your shipping requirements. We have kept them flexible for you so that you can get benefits concerning the size of your business and shipping demands. We promise to deliver the best out of best services to all our potential and existing clients. So, get in touch with us, and schedule the specific ground or air order they need.

Charter Express aims to become a hassle-free delivery service that gets your items to you on your schedule. No matter how tight is your shipping deadline, how challenging is the route of delivery, your shipment will be processed right on time. We always value the precious time of our clients, so we will never let you wait for your orders. Therefore, we  allow you to ship:


  • By The Next Day –


It is our standard option for our air freight services. It serves all our clients with the benefit of delivering their items by the end of the next business day. No matter if the shipment is to be made across the continent, your items will be delivered the very next business day.


  • Overnight –


If you have any emergency delivery assignment and can’t wait a full day for your items, Charter Express offers overnight deliveries. With this exclusive service, you can have your necessities as soon as you walk into your office the next morning.


  • On The Same Day


Same Day Delivery is our most accelerated delivery option. It gets you the desired order in a matter of hours. If you are running out of some item, which is interruption your business, this service is ideal for you.


Charter Express will never make you wait for an urgent shipment. We are always updated with our airlines’ scheduled flights ahead of time. If in case, none of those flights suit you, we will charter another one concerning your requirements. No matter, whatever is the circumstances, you can always count on Charter Express to ship your items on the schedule.