Delivery Service




Delivery Service

Many customers, small businesses and even individuals are looking for quality, professional and reliable international delivery services to help them ship their packages by air and land. Are you looking for a delivery service?  You’ve come to the right place.


Charter Express Gmbh was established in 2016. The company’s owners have been engaged in the field of shipping services for about 15 years. Our company offers a wide range of shipping amenities to customers in the world of the shipping services, including: sea-freight service, full air cargo service, cargo charter flights, air cargo, warehousing services, land transport, transit shipment service, air spare parts, custom clearance service, handling service, and more.


What Types of Shipping Does the Company Offer?

There are 3 main types:

  1. Air-Freight
  2. Sea Freight
  3. Land Transport


The Great Advantages in World Shipping Services

There are many advantages for the Charterexpress clientele, but the main ones include the following:


Experience, History, Well-trained Staff, Licenses, Personal Cargo Agent for all Customers and a World Wide Agency


Private Customers? Our Special Solution for You

Very few companies offer delivery services to private customers. You will therefore be pleased to learn that Charterexpresses is one such company – with extensive experience in shipping by Truck, Air and Sea Freight.


International shipping from country to country has never been easier ….. Try Us






What is the Most Effective Way to Contact Us?

We are interested in facilitating and assisting you so that you can get what you have requested:  a high quality, reliable delivery service. We offer you several ways to contact us to get a quote or ask questions related to our service:


First, by phone:+49698 – 700 68 10 You can also contact us by leaving a quick message on our friendly website or sending us an email at: .


What Are Our Hours of Operation?

We know how important it is for you to receive a swift service, and therefore our hours of work for our worldwide services are available from Monday to Friday  18H/24/7  SOS Phone available


We Work with Well-Known Shipping Couriers

In air deliveries, our work is carried out in cooperation with:

Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Air Bridge Cargo, Egypt Air, KLM, Air France, British Airways, United Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Continental, Air Canada, Air China, .JAL, ANA, and QANTAS


Shipments by Sea Are Made in Cooperation with:

Yang Ming, Mearsk, CMA CGM, APL, Hamburg Sud, UASC, Hyundai, PIL, Hapag, and Lloys


Stages of Ordering the Delivery Service

To facilitate our customers, here are the 8 steps to ordering our shipping service:

  1. Request -> Offer -> Order
  2. Pick Up Cargo with Truck or Van
  3. Handling in Warehouse -> Checking The Cargo -> X-Ray -> Securing
  4. Move the Cargo to Vessel or Aircraft
  5. The Cargo is on the way
  6. Offloading at Destination Port/Airport
  7. Import Formalities and Custom Clearance
  8. Delivery to the Consignee


We will be happy to add you to our clientele and provide you with the most dedicated shipping service, as delineated above. Your partners in shipping.